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To have quality ME-TIME when they need it and when they want it!

We want to build a community of happiness for kids & parents alike.

We are a group of professional, skilled, and passionate childcare industry workers. We love parents and adore their children – and our goal is to give parents more free time to enjoy the way they want.

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About Kiddo Stations

Parenthood is a wonderful experience. Kids bring true joy and happiness into our lives. However, parenthood can be very challenging sometimes. In the 21st century, with both parents being employed being a common situation, families can face increasing time and monetary constraints. Meanwhile, family structures have become more diverse, with many children growing up in with single-parent, same-sex, or step-families.

At Kiddo Stations, we understand that being constantly ready to fulfill your children’s needs at all times can cause burnout. Things that can be enjoyed as everyday treasures can begin to feel like everyday chores. More often than not, parents are left with little time to have fun, rest, or just relax.

That’s why it’s important that parents take real time off regularly. This, in reality, it can be way more difficult than it sounds. Parents have to rely on the grandparents, family, friends, or babysitters to get some free time and end up not having any at all, as it seems like too much hustle. It is for this reason that we, at Kiddo Stations, aim to give parents the opportunity to have free time whenever they need or want it.

Kiddo Stations is a privately owned business. The founder, Oxana Ostapenko, is a highly educated, committed, and passionate mother to a one-year-old, Estelle, twelve-year-old, Maya, and step-mother to twelve- and fifteen-year-olds, Mathieu and Rachel. Oxana comes from the family that believes education is fundamental. Oxana’s own personal journey has shown her how difficult it can be to have “me” time, whether one is handling a large-family situation, going through separation, building new relationships, or juggling a big family and a career. Oxana has worked in different industries in several countries, and despite having a successful career in the financial industry in Australia, she has always wanted to build a business that would not only give her the opportunity to utilise all her skills, but also make a difference in parents’ lives.

Dear parents, with Kiddo Stations, now you can say goodbye to planning in advance and relying on others to be able to spend time doing what you really like and take that well-deserved break! We aim to make it easy for parents to enjoy the Shopping Centre experience together with their children because we don’t want you to leave your precious kids behind.

We want parents to catch up with their friends, go to the movies, have lunch with their special one, get their hair or nails done anytime they want and not feel bad about their kids being bored while waiting or staying home. We value parents’ trust in us in leaving the most precious people in their lives at Kiddo Stations. So, we are striving to ensure that every child has an amazing experience, leaving them wanting to come back for more!

So, don’t wait! Bring your kids to Kiddo Stations! Let them have a great time while you steal for yourself some moments of freedom!

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