Policies and Procedures

Sign in / Out         

At Kiddo Stations we have a robust electronic sign in and sign out procedure.

Parent/carer, that drops off the child for the first time will have to fill in the digital application form and agree on Terms and Conditions before child can be checked in. Suitable identification is required providing photographic ID.

The person that drops off the child must be the one who picks the child up, unless another authorised person is officially Identified at Kiddo Stations and linked to the child’s profile.

We encourage all families to ensure their contact details and arrangements are kept up-to-date and ask to make us aware of any changed straight away.

If your child has not been collected and we are unable to contact you, we will contact the emergency person listed on your child’s enrolment form. In extreme circumstances where we are unable to contact one of your authorised nominees, we will contact the necessary authorities for the safe collection of your child. Therefore, it is important that your contact details and those of your authorised nominees are kept up-to-date at all times.

Late pick up fees     

We give parents/ guardians a 15 minute window whereby late charges are not enforced. After this 15 min timeframe the full fee for the Express Shopping will be charged, that will allow child to stay in the playroom till the end of that session (30mins).

If you used your Credit Card to pay the fees.

Inability to pay the late fee may result in your child not being allowed to use the playroom in the future.

Settling in

We will do all we can to comfort and help your child to settle into the playroom environment, but if they cannot be consoled quickly, we will call you on the phone number provided during registration process and let you know.


Kiddo Stations is committed to ensuring a high standard of health and safety measures are maintained at the playroom at all times.

We take a proactive approach towards reducing the likelihood of accidents and infections that can impact on children, staff and their families.

All staff at Kiddo Stations hold current First Aid qualifications and will be regularly offered the opportunity to update their Health and Safety knowledge and practices.

Our staff follow recommended health and safety guidelines and procedures in the event of a child-related accident or injury. Any incidents that may occur are recorded in an illness/ injury report and provided to all families, and we investigate each issue to make changes to practice or the physical environment where necessary. If your child requires medical treatment, other than first aid, and we are unable to contact you, we will take any steps necessary to ensure that your child is appropriately cared for. This could include contacting the identified emergency contact for the child or calling emergency services.

It is very important that information about your emergency contact is up-to-date at all times.

Behaviour Management / positive guidance

At Kiddo Stations, children are provided with support, guidance and opportunities to regulate their own behaviour. Behaviour guidance strategies will not under any circumstances involve the use of any physical punishment, isolation, humiliation, intimidation or negative labelling by staff.

Staff will enforce a positive reinforcement approach where by reward systems will target children who are caught doing something good. Focusing on children who are participating in activities, helping others, being respectful will be highly praised encouraging other children to follow their example. If an incident occurs between a child and another child both parents will be notified. Incident reports will be provided to parents however personal information of the child will be protected.

Toileting & HYGIENE

When you register your child, we will usually ask if they need to use the bathroom prior to coming into the centre. One of our trained staff can take them. 

In terms of hygiene, we use hand sanitiser at the door to help prevent the spread of germs. The equipment in the centre is cleaned and maintained and checked for defects.

All of our equipment is purchased through child care and education suppliers.  Each day, the centre is cleaned and reset for the following day and broken items are discarded for safety.  When the centre is finished for the week, we undertake a rigorous cleaning schedule, which includes washing scissors, wiping pens, washing dress ups, pots, table cloths, and cleaning of chairs and carpets.  We use hand sanitiser as part of the registration process to prevent the spread of germs.

If Child appears unwell

The three most important ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases are:

1 – Effective handwashing

2 – Exclusion of sick child

3 – Immunisation

To ensure the well-being of all at our Clubs, we unfortunately will not admit children to Kiddo Stations who are unwell.

Please keep children with the following symptoms away from Kiddo Stations until they are back to full health:

A heavy cold (green mucus is a good indication)
Diarrhoea in the previous 24 hours
Vomiting in the previous 24 hours
Any infectious disease
A high temperature

Kiddo Stations does reserve the right to refuse entry to any child. If any child becomes ill whilst in the Kiddo Stations our staff will attend to the needs of the child on a one-on-one basis until the parent or guardian returns.

Emergency evacuation procedure

A copy of our emergency evacuation procedure is available on request.

Lost property

Please collect all clothes, shoes, drinks and lunch boxes. Please speak with our staff friendly team if you required any assistance with lost property assistance.

Medication and medical attention

Prescribed Medication
Please notify the Kiddo Stations team member if any medication (excluding the antibiotics) including over the counter medications, topical creams etc needs to be given to your child while at the playroom.

  • Parents of children being enrolled are required to provide staff with a medical management plan if their child has a known medical condition, allergy or other health care need.
  • Staff must follow the Medical Management Plan which includes plans for asthma, anaphylaxis and diabetes.
  • An Authorisation of Medication Form must be completed by the parent prior to any medication being administered.
  • Due to the possibility of side effects, the first dose of any medication should be administered by the parent at least 2 hours before the child attends care.
  • Prescribed medication can only be given if it’s in its original container, bearing the original label with the name of the child, the dosage to be given and is within the expiry and use by date.
  • Medication can be administered to a child without authorisation in the case of an anaphylaxis or asthma emergency. Emergency services will be contacted immediately. The parent of the child and emergency services must be notified as soon as practicable.

Nutrition & allergies

Kiddo Stations is a nut and egg aware Playroom. To help us maintain an allergy free environment please do not include any foods in your child’s lunch that contain or have traces of nuts of any kind and egg products.

Kiddo Stations staff will use their discretion with other foods depending upon the nature of the children’s allergies on any given day and product information available on food items.

Please do not put glass bottles, glass jars, plastic wrap, lollies, chips, nut, egg or similar allergy related foods in your child’s lunch box. Such items will be removed from the lunchbox and sent home.

Any special instructions regarding your child’s diet/allergies should be advised in writing at the time of enrolment.

At Kiddo Stations we only allow a child to bring his/her own water bottle and a piece of fruit (apple, pear or banana).

Child protection & development

Children have the right to be free from harm, and to play, learn and be cared for in a safe and secure environment. Our staff are committed to the protection and physical, emotional and wellbeing of your child. Our staff and families visiting the center are required to be aware of all gates and doors as they enter and exit the premises.

The nominated supervisor shall be happy to discuss any concerns/queries you might have regarding your child’s behavior and/or experience at Kiddo Stations at any time.

Kiddo stations team

We take great pride in our staff members and their qualifications. You can find copies of our staff and their qualifications on our website. Our staff members have experience in a range of childcare facilities such as long day care, crèche, schools and out of home care.  All our staff members hold a current first aid certificate.

Our staff are carefully selected for their experience in working with children and all hold appropriate police checks. Our staff are all trained and properly inducted into every Kiddo Stations playroom.

Page Confidentiality, Privacy and Digital Information Security

During initial registration process Kiddo Stations will collect personal information of parents/guardians and children for the primary purposes of providing it to the staff members in order to support children’s well-being, safety, protection and development.

Kiddo Stations will only use personal information for the purpose it was collected or a reasonably expected or related secondary purpose. Personal information will be collected from parents/guardians directly via our standard registration form online, at the playroom or via email communication.  

Personal information collected by Kiddo Stations will be stored securely electronically.  We do not keep any personal information on the paper. We will take all reasonable steps to protect any personal information that we hold from unauthorized use or disclosure. For further details please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Providing feedback

We actively encourage families to provide feedback about their experiences with our service at any time. It is our policy that any problem, issues or disputes are managed fairly and promptly, and are resolved as close as possible to the source of the problem. Families can also be assured that all Kiddo Stations  staff respect the privacy of the family when addressing any concern or grievance.

Emergency care


1. One staff member immediately attends to the child, to console and comfort and if necessary, administer first aid. An ambulance will be called if required.

2. Another staff member will be elected to collect the parent/guardian and or medical assistance and will bring that person back to Kiddo Stations.

3. Kiddo Station Staff must ensure that the incident/injury report is completed

4. Parent/guardian’s signatures on the report must be checked before releasing the child.

If staff notice a cut or bruise on a child when signing in, it will be brought to the attention of the parent/guardian. This ensures that it has been identified and no responsibility will be placed on the staff. If a child starts regularly rubbing an eye or other area or seems slightly upset/uncomfortable, the parent/guardian will be collected. Please refer to ‘Medication’ regarding Anaphylaxis and emergencies.