Terms & Conditions

I agree to stay within Mount Druitt Westfield Shopping Centre facilities whilst my child/children are in the care of Kiddo Stations.

I understand that the only person who will be allowed to pick up the child/children from Kiddo Stations is the one who dropped them off or officially authorised person, that has been linked to the child’s profile.

I confirm that my child/children have used the bathroom facilities just before entering the Kiddo Stations or has no immediate need to do so.

A Kiddo Stations team member can take my child/children to the closest women’s/men’s/disabled Westfield toilet, if parents/guardians have given prior permission to do so.

I understand that children are not allowed to wear shoes inside the Kiddo Stations.

I confirm that my child has been fed a meal in the last hour and shouldn’t feel starving while at Kiddo Stations.

I understand that Kiddo Stations do not provide any drinks or food and only allow my child/children to bring their filled and clearly labelled water bottle and 1 x washed piece of fruit/snack (no nuts or dairy allowed).

I understand that Kiddo Stations can supervise my child/children for up to 3 hours. Parents/guardians must collect their child/children from Kiddo Stations at the end of the prepaid time.

I acknowledge that I will be required to pay late fees in addition to the hourly child minding fees if I am late to pick up my child/children. Please refer to our Late Collection Policy for more details.

I agree that I must provide more than 24 hours notice to change a booking or I will forfeit fees paid for my booking.

I understand that Kiddo Stations team will do everything possible to settle my child/children. However, if my child/children are unable to be settled within 15 minutes of being dropped off, Kiddo Stations team member will call me and ask me to return to the playroom to help to settle my child/children.  If my child/children will still not settle, then I will have to collect my child/children and forfeit paid fees.

I confirm that I am the person with lawful authority and/or parental responsibility of the child/children on the Enrolment Form and the details provided for my child/children are all true and correct and I will immediately inform Kiddo Stations if any updates need to be made.

I understand it is my responsibility to ensure Kiddo Stations have the most current and relevant information on my child/children.

I understand that I am to provide current information (as required within enrolment form) in regard to any of my child/children’s medical conditions, including allergies and sensitivities, to Kiddo Stations on enrolment.

I accept that a decision made by Kiddo Stations that my child/children is contagious or too ill to attend Kiddo Stations is final and I agree to ensure my child/children is collected promptly after being informed of such a decision.

Kiddo Stations does not take any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged possessions.

Kiddo Stations does not provide stroller parking facilities.

Kiddo Stations reserves the right to refuse entry to any of its services to anyone for any reason and at any time.

I acknowledge that, Kiddo Stations team will always supervise all children to the best of their ability, however if an accident was to occur Kiddo Stations cannot be held liable.